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Any deviation from these guidelines will result in a 100 point deduction in points.

Point Distribution
Project Proposal I 50 points
Requirements 1-14= 350 points (disk and printout is required for full credit)
PowerPoint Presentation 100 points (disk and printout is required for full credit)
Progress sheet 50 points (this is a weekly check on your project by me)
Neatness and organization is 50 point
Total points 600 points

7- Pointers for your final project:
1. START EARLY!! Don t wait until the last week to begin your project!!
2. Make sure you have all printouts on the presentation day!!
3. Make sure you have MANY copies of your disk with PowerPoint presentation, source code and executable file (you can never have too many copies).
4. Test your program on the presentation computer before the presentation date.
5. Use of block comments ( /* */ ) for commenting large sections of code.
6. Using System.out.println?statements to display values during the debugging process.
8. And, of course, & HAVE FUN :-)!!